Bamboo Enviromental Services

The ever present going green statement being made the world over by various industries and sectors is a call close to our hearts. We believe in the principles of this global mandate which needs to be adhered to by all, thus we are extremely pleased to be able to offer you, in accordance with some very experienced partners, a range of environmentally responsible, biotechnology products based on the use of natural microbes and enzymes, approved by European Standard Regulators.


Supply, installation and servicing of toilet and washroom products, such as soap dispensers, sanitary disposal bins, urinal and toilet sanitizers, air fresheners, toilet roll dispensers, paper towel dispensers and waste bins. Our dispensers are available in stainless steel or white to suit your needs. We also offer a variety of eco-friendly alternatives to your hygiene needs.

Pest Control

Our service consultants, who are registered with the Department of Agriculture under act 36 of 1947, are highly qualified within our industry. All services are carried out in accordance with Good Manufacturing practice, enabling compliance with OHS act and HACCP requirements. Any new infestations found, will be treated within 24 hours of being reported to our office.

Deep Clean

An essential specialised service, directly related to the hygiene, in toilet and washroom facilities. We get in where your normal daily cleaners can't, penetrating hard to reach places, under toilet rims in urinal traps, drains, grouting and cracks where odour causing bacteria thrive. Our workforce is equipped with all the necessary eco- friendly cleaning products, tools and equipment to achieve a first rate clean.


We offer the following: toilet paper and paper towel, various washroom consumables; soaps, cleaning chemicals and materials. Additionally we have an extensive range of environmentally friendly cleaning ranges which are cost effective as well as allowing you to reduce your cleaning inventory and carbon footprint.

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